Saturday, January 7, 2012


Hi, my name is Jaja. I'm new in here, so i thought of 
introducing myself 
 for my first entry.

I'm a registered nurse who tried all the luck in the world.

 Oh well, i actually enjoyed my days as a dialysis nurse.

My red cross moments.

Back in 2007, as i checked on my goal plans, i noticed i haven't owned anything yet. I can't even buy a LARGE FRIES for myself. My friends are partying, packing for vacation some are even married already. And i, left wondering.

Na INGGIT talaga ako sa takbo ng buhay nila. TRUE! hahaha

So i decided to start my online business, so i can have an extra on my pocket. MULTIPLY was the best place at that time, (up to now).  ★‿★

I started selling pr -owned clothes, until i was able to save up, enough amount to to be rolled. I made accessories, even customized shirts. Basta lahat lahat na na pedeng pagka kitaan. And to my surprise, na so-sold out ko silang lahat. hahaha

My items are growing in numbers so as my lovely buyers. That's when i decided to join BAZAAR at CUBAO EXPO!

Above with my brother, first time namin, with NO IDEA at all on how
to do it in our own.

Happy us, because i got to see my online buyers and other people who appreciates our product. 

Also, i gained the HIGHEST RESPECT to all 
(bazaarista, tiangera at mahiwang TINDERA)

Fast forward 2010, was the decision year. My business is growing, and i cannot juggle both my nursing career and pagiging tindera. I was also, in school then for my masteral degree.

I really prayed hard and told my parents im quitting my nursing career!
(Bahala na kung ma award basta, ayoko na!) hahaha

And the result was.. I opened my dreamed store.

Beside shell gas station.

March 2010

I'm a happy person, so i wanted my shop to be a reflection of myself.
So, ayan, touch the color tayo! haha


October of the same year, i opened my 2nd branch at mt hometown.
Catarman Northern Samar.

 Happy colors for happy people. ★‿★


Right now, I'm a free-lance fashion stylist.

Thank you for sparing your time reading.
I would really love to hear from all of you and let's all share our ideas.

New year. new beginnings. adding new friends.

 ℒ ♥ѵℯ ★‿★


  1. hi! ur my inspiration also 'coz I'm thinking of opening my own online store soon... T_T

  2. hi zhang, looking forward to your upcoming online store. dont forget to invite us.★‿★

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  4. wow. . .nice and remarkable! more blessings po. what you do is fun and exciting i'm jealous haha :)

    1. hi jona, thank you.. you too can make your things more fun and exciting.
      hope you can visit our shop.★‿★

  5. this is really inspiring! i love it that you went for your dreams, relentlessly.