Thursday, May 17, 2012



Okey ladies. i know this is too late, but summer isn't done yet.

Last year, summer at my shop wasn't really of people's place. I was really amazed that this time, 
my lovely clients visit us frequently.

The demands has been really high, knowing that some have no (allowance) and others i thought would be lazy dressing up due to a very hot summer weather.

But NO! There's NO stopping them.

ANyways, here are some must haves, oh well, the MOST wanted for this season.

Let's start with 


Pop some eye catching colors to freshen up your look.

Steal their looks with our collections:


Think of blossoming garden feel.

Steal their looks here:


* Just when you're too tired to dress up, grab that statement necklaces that you have.

Steal their looks here:

and of course..

these cute


There you go lovely ladies.
Make sure to have at least 1 of those.

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Tuesday, May 15, 2012


(My Birthday Part 2)

I told you on my previous entry that i want for us to super bond. Kainan to the highest level.
Sunday wasn't just gloomy at Tagaytay. It rained super grabe grabe! That i thought we would be staying at our hotel the entire day.

Thanks God huminto ng kaunti, pero bumalik balik din. Keribels lang at ang init, para maramdam din namin ang lamig ng Tagytay.

Our next stop...


Pamana is the latest Filipino restaurant in Tagaytay. It offers Filipino cuisine based on secret family recipes handed down to Happy Ongpauco, a third generation member of the Barrio Fiesta Restaurant Clan.

Cute food stalls. very homie..

Vintage wall

Kaloka our plates! XLarge! hahaha..  patungan lang naman. hehehe

 My favorite wall of FRAMES!

Ooops! the bday girl uma aura! hehehe
(want my top and shorts? get it here: JHAJING FASHION )

Neon earrings available at my shop.

my 2 sisters and me checking on some whatevers outside!

Tawilis is masarap. pinabonggang tuyo.
Pakbet is also masarap.

Chiken Binakul, malamig na, half cook ang chiken at ammm.. sweeety the sabaw.

Bicol Express na lasang pork sisig sa may kanto namin dahil sa mayonaise.

Sungkaan of Condiments. Bongga ang presentation. pasok sa theme ng pinoy.

Onin and Rj na super gutom na!

Mamita and jhajing (eksena naman ng bukong itey!)

The HAPPY eaters but NOT happy with their foods.

The verdict...
The place is really nice, i commend to that.
How ever, the foods im sorry.. aamm.. Or we ordered the wrong ones?
But the price is very affordable.
P1500++ lang bill ko. not bad! hehehe

*Hindi sanay sa lutong bahay ang mga bitbit ko, kaya siguro HINDI happy busog!

* Also, their restrooms. I really felt bad. parang public CR sa dumi.

Or maybe because, we went there Sunday, and a lot of people eating, so all the staffs are aligaga.

Anyways, if you want to take a visit..

Pamana Restaurant
Aguinaldo Highway, Tagaytay City
Beside Boutique Hotel, near the Tagaytay Rotunda
For Reservations, contact Vangie Reyes +63920 856 1970



(My Birthday Part 1)

Hi there. It's been a while since my last post. (i'm sorry, really was so busy)

It's my birthday!!! hahaha
Been planning for this. All i ever wanted is for me and my sisters (technically: BROTHERS) to bond. 
As in literal na magbonding kami. Bakla-bakla an lang and kumain ng walang hanggang katapusan!

In my mind, i know it has to be in Tagaytay.
 (the nearest, and the cheapest. "no budget si jhajing")

So, for our first stop. (Saturday)


Rj, feeling dyosa sa kolambo effect! 
Ewan kung anong drama dito. Might be for this weird flower.

On our way to SPA area.

Ang dami sigurong pagoda at grabe waiting list sa massage. Nagpasked na muna kami, para after kumain, gorabels na. (Payat ng likod) hahaha



Table settings. (wow! laba sa tide!)

I love these chairs. reminds me of our old house. very homie talaga kina lola Sonya. hehehe

Akala ko, my kumpisalang nagaganap. bongga no?

Ay! wagi ang sala ni madam! I think, these two serves as a waiting area for those taking the restroom.

I cant wait to show you our foods. Very organic!
Super healthy, fresh from lola Sonya's garden!

*They serve "Set Menu for Lunch and Dinner"

Sit down style and EAT ALL YOU CAN.
(Yun! Bonggels!)

For our starter: Make your own salad and drama! i really enjoyed this part since 
refill lang ng refill sa kadahonan!

 Whole wheat sesame bread with an array of homemade dips and toppings.

This is what i made for myself. and I just found out, the origin of my pink flower! 
(galing nga sa mga hardin ni lola Sonya! ) hahaha

Arte! hahaha enjoying my meal..

Roast Chicken. (Not part of their set menu. But my SEXY brothers cant live without MEAT! so, super add on kami) hahaha healthy pa din sya in fairness..

 Bottomless freshly squeeze

 Another make your own, this time PASTA. (kanya-kanya ang eksena dito. bahala ka magmix! ha

 my pretty sister Rj

The nice thing about here is that, all tables eat the same food and the place is so clean airy and calm.

My SISTERS! thank you LORD for giving me brothers and sisters rolled into ONE!

                                                         chocolate cake + tarragon tea

 Banana roll with sesame and jackfruit (TURON) + Glazed sweet potato (Camoteque)
shala ng mga english names nyo ah!

* For complete description of their menu, kindly check it here:

We are all HAPPY BUSOG. before heading out on the SPA, 
super check muna ako sa wash room kung pasado!

 Capiz ang theme dito!

Naman! may coffee table pa sa loob! so kape2 muna bago chumurva! 
Effect din ang sink! made in china ata! hahaha

 Maliwanag pa nung pumasok kami. 
I chose the Sonya's Signature Massage + Hot compress para sa mga lamig ko.
Super sarap! Well recommended.

 Perfect ang lightings!

Ayan! PASKO na ng matapos kami! hahaha BTW, that's lola Sonya at our back (white lady). NAHIYA KAMI MAGPAPICTURE. hahahaha

* For the complete list and description of their Spa services, kindly check here:

Done for our Sonya's Experience. 
Heading now to our hotel.

*Where to find?
Sonya's Garden, Brgu Buck Estate, Alfonso, Cavite