Tuesday, May 15, 2012


(My Birthday Part 2)

I told you on my previous entry that i want for us to super bond. Kainan to the highest level.
Sunday wasn't just gloomy at Tagaytay. It rained super grabe grabe! That i thought we would be staying at our hotel the entire day.

Thanks God huminto ng kaunti, pero bumalik balik din. Keribels lang at ang init, para maramdam din namin ang lamig ng Tagytay.

Our next stop...


Pamana is the latest Filipino restaurant in Tagaytay. It offers Filipino cuisine based on secret family recipes handed down to Happy Ongpauco, a third generation member of the Barrio Fiesta Restaurant Clan.

Cute food stalls. very homie..

Vintage wall

Kaloka our plates! XLarge! hahaha..  patungan lang naman. hehehe

 My favorite wall of FRAMES!

Ooops! the bday girl uma aura! hehehe
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my 2 sisters and me checking on some whatevers outside!

Tawilis is masarap. pinabonggang tuyo.
Pakbet is also masarap.

Chiken Binakul, malamig na, half cook ang chiken at ammm.. sweeety the sabaw.

Bicol Express na lasang pork sisig sa may kanto namin dahil sa mayonaise.

Sungkaan of Condiments. Bongga ang presentation. pasok sa theme ng pinoy.

Onin and Rj na super gutom na!

Mamita and jhajing (eksena naman ng bukong itey!)

The HAPPY eaters but NOT happy with their foods.

The verdict...
The place is really nice, i commend to that.
How ever, the foods im sorry.. aamm.. Or we ordered the wrong ones?
But the price is very affordable.
P1500++ lang bill ko. not bad! hehehe

*Hindi sanay sa lutong bahay ang mga bitbit ko, kaya siguro HINDI happy busog!

* Also, their restrooms. I really felt bad. parang public CR sa dumi.

Or maybe because, we went there Sunday, and a lot of people eating, so all the staffs are aligaga.

Anyways, if you want to take a visit..

Pamana Restaurant
Aguinaldo Highway, Tagaytay City
Beside Boutique Hotel, near the Tagaytay Rotunda
For Reservations, contact Vangie Reyes +63920 856 1970


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