Tuesday, February 14, 2012



Yesterday, Feb 13 was a busy day for me. Makati was my area, to pay bills, met up with clients, store check up and a lot more.

Since it was a day before heart's day, i played on. 

I wore my cute peterpan collar dress. (i'm excited)

The weather was good enough when i left home.
 And so, to keep up with the season of love, i wore my HEART on my legs.

 This heart print hosiery is really LOVE! 
I know it would be  a perfect match for my sweet dress.

I thought i'd wear flats instead of my usual wedge since i know 
I would be having some mall hopping.

 Perfect decision, since it rained when i got off from glorietta. Flats can make a busy swan move freely.

Ate my late lunch at CIBO. Alone, yes all by myself.
And i'm used to it. 

My last stop was in Rockwell, and really hoping i can get home before 
the rush hour hits the road.
While making things done as fast as i can, all i can see were flowers, cake, guy with a flower, bf-gf with a flower, dating here and there.

In my mind, I wished I'd slipped this day and jump on the 16th instead.

Finally, i'm done. So tired. Even slept at the taxi due a heavy traffic.


Time check, no calls and messages on my my viber. Where the hell is my man?
Thirty minutes after i got home, my asst. Melay came in with a beautiful bouquet on her.

Buti pa tong si Melay my flower! Deadma!
Kiber! Bulaklak lang yan.. Pero, ang ganda talaga! Shax, yung favorite ko pa! So go, move on. Paka busy nalang ako ulit. hahaha

Before I knew it, Melay handed me the bouquet. When i read the card, Alas!
 My gulay! It came from my man.
Cuuute! I wasn't expecting it anyway. Really. As in i don't have  any idea at all!

 Why? Because Russel works in Phuket, so it's a given fact that we really are a part.

Such an effort, when i found out, Russel coordinated with my brother and my asst.

 I really Love white roses and stargazer.  ★‿★

While reading the card, Melay gave me the cake. 
Cute! Heart talaga? hahaha

I thought tapos na. ..

Holaaah! My last present. A gc from The Spa. Perfect! 
Just so perfect that  i so badly need this!  ★‿★

Sobrang kilig talaga! At that moment, all i did was scream, smile, blush and paulit-ulit na linyang "nakakiinis! nakakainis kayong lahat!" hahaha

And my phone rang, it was Russel. 

My day filled of cuteness love and sweetness.

Thank you so much pooch. You just proved me that in a relationship, 
distance is not measured in miles, but in affection. 
That two people can be right next to each other, 
yet miles apart.

The cutest and the best heart's day of my life!

ℒ ♥ѵℯ ★‿★


  1. wow...kilig naman...:) I love this dress! mucho mucho!! and that hosiery is simply adorable.. i wish i could as slim as you..any tips? blog mo narin ms. jha..hehehe..veggie lang ata kinain mo...kaya ko kaya un?? hehe

    1. hi zhang, thanks for the complement.. but ammmm.. im not payat! swear! hahaha.. my thighs are.. never mind.. hahaha. i love the dress too. this will fit you i guess. stretch cya.;-) hope you can visit my shop soon. and hope to meet u too ;-)

  2. Super adorbs outfit. :) And yay cheesy :) How sweet!

    1. tnx jen. d dress complemented my entire day. ★‿★
      hope you can visit my shop any time soon. ★‿★

  3. oh gosh thats sweetest!!! <3 <3
    and by the way, your dress is fab!

    1. hi pink, thank you.. ★‿★
      the dress is available at my shop.


  4. Replies
    1. hi mestizay, tnx dear. hope you can visit my shop. ★‿★

  5. Love the shoes! Your guy is sweet :)


    1. aaw.. tnx verna.. effort super.. hehehe ★‿★