Thursday, February 16, 2012



Last Sept 2011, I and my dear friend Ces made our bonding trip to Taipei.
And I thought i'd share this cute resto. Not your ordinary place to eat. 
Or maybe not your preferred one. hehehe.

I told Ces, no matter what, we must follow the map and WE MUST go to this place.

 ★‿★ (please dont read this if you're eating.. im sorry if I lost your appetite) ★‿★




WELCOME to Modern Toilet.
The moment I saw the hanging bowl,
i knew it was what we've been looking for! hahaha

Ces! not so halata ang kapaguran.

Guests were welcomed with their pink TOILET!
Ces, trying out their cute bowl.


Sorry, i was just trying to make a significant pose in here. hahaha

Hindi naman pala mabaho. Floral scent! ★‿★

The interior!  super cute. literal na tiolet!

Even their wall display and knick knacks are all about tiolet! hahaha

Yes sweetie! this is their seats. I want! suuuper!

Just being curious maybe i might find something inside. hahaha

more seats..


I need to share something funny first.
 Ces and I had really a long day, and this was our last stop for the day. I told her, we need to starve ourselves, and save the eating moment at Modern Toilet.

And so, the moment we got there, we both hurried the menu and choose whatever it is that sounds good in our tummy. regardless how it will look like whatever.

Basta ako, that day i want something spicy and curry.

After several minutes, while waiting for our food, the CHEF.. as in for the record, the CHEF went to our table and told us, "Ladies, are you sure with your orders? You ordered too much."

Ces and I: (nagkatinginan at tumawa) eh gutom kami, anong pakialam mo, lutuin mo na sila! hahaha

The cook could hardly speak english, and we dont want to argue anymore, we just wanted to eat.. And so, we decided to drop some of our orders at gutom na talaga kami! hahaha

Again, excuse me muna dun sa mga kumakain...




Pork curry and spicy churva! (i forgot na what we ordered) hahaha

Okey, Ces and I were really laughing at this very moment.

We thought it was gross to imagine that way..

Inidoro + yung itsura pa nung food. hahaha

Pork curry

Spicy churva! (may dahon-dahon pa on the side)

I ordered ROSE tea. sosyal, ROSE talaga.. pero nasa urinal cya! hahaha

i think this is a FISH churva again. hahaha

See.. ROSE tea nga! hahaha

our dessert, ice cream churva ulit!

pero, my COMPLEMENTARY ice cream pala kami. my gas!

wash area, inidoro pa din.. hahaha (sorry, medyo kadiri na to na part)


Their table. so its a glass underneath is a tub full of customer's comments.

ayan! naki uso din ako..  ★‿★

Ces and I really had the best of our Taipei days.

Over all food critic: Average.


If by any chance, anyone of you here flying to Taipei, i suggest you visit this place. its in their map, you can easily find this place. Just rode their mtr/mrt and follow the map.

ℒ ♥ѵℯ ★‿★


  1. Been wanting to try this place! I should go to Taipei! Haha.

    I hope i wont lose my appetite! ;)

    1. hi ruth, you should! hehehe.. interesting resto.. promise.. ★‿★

  2. lol! parang di ko keri kumain..picture lang siguro hahaha but nice experience. i love the post.

    1. hi zhang.. u'll love it there.. go book ur flight na! ★‿★

  3. I've enjoyed so much reading all about your experiences in this resto :P I think I would like to fly to Taipei right now and find this place. Very exciting!!!

    1. hi giay, thanks for reading. go! wag ng mag dalwang isip. abangan na ang mag seat sale ng cbupac and fly to taipei na! hehehe ★‿★